The Internet Is Divided Over This Couple Banning a Soccer Game During Their Wedding

The Internet Is Divided Over This Couple Banning a Soccer Game During Their Wedding

Choosing the right wedding date is already pretty tricky, but one couple in the U.K. is facing a somewhat unexpected scheduling conflict. They're tying the knot at the exact same time as a major soccer match that most of their guests are dying to watch. Now, they've divided the Internet by banning their guests from tuning into the game during the wedding.

One of the wedding guests described the whole scenario in a forum post that has gone viral. She explained that she was invited to a wedding that is at the same time that Liverpool, a soccer club from the U.K., is supposed to play a crucial final match. As she puts it, "the majority of people attending are from Liverpool and the surrounding areas, my husband included," and they all really want to see how the game goes down.

However, the couple has made it clear that they want their special day to be about them, not soccer. "The couple getting married have now put out a notice saying that they have chosen not to screen the champions league, and they do not want anyone to ask for it to be put on, to leave and watch it or to be watching it on any devices and to please respect that this day is about them," the woman said in her post.

“My husband and his brothers aren't willing to miss such a massive game and are now trying to work out a plan to be able to watch it and then return to the wedding after. It ended with DH and I having a bit of an argument because I think it's extremely rude to leave, watch the game and return. It's just been left with they will be watching and that's that, they think the bride and groom are being unreasonable to put a blanket ban on the whole thing and not just shove it on a tele in the bar," she continued.

Naturally, the Internet had a lot of different opinions. Some understood the couple's desire to keep the attention on them and thought the guests weren't being very considerate. Others chimed in and said maybe there was a way people could enjoy both events.

"I think your husband and his brothers are totally unreasonable. It's a football game. The bride and groom are obviously not wanting half their guests disappearing in the middle of their wedding, a day they will have been planning for months, to watch a football game," one person wrote. Someone else said, "I don't think there is anything the bride/groom can do… If people want to watch it, they will."

Another person had a pretty simple solution: "Your husband could record the match and watch it later." Still, it'll be up to guests to stay away from the game as it's happening and instead focus on the newlyweds.

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