6 Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas Perfect for Valentine's Day

6 Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas Perfect for Valentine's Day

We have to say, there might not be a more fitting time to pop the bridesmaid question than Valentine's Day-especially when done with one of these six bridesmaid proposal ideas!

Valentine's Day is all about celebrating the love we have in our lives; sometimes that love is romantic and sometimes that love is for the people who keep us strong, level-headed, and laughing through life-our nearest and dearest friends, including the pals who we want to be our bridesmaids.

If you're newly engaged and looking forward to using Valentine's Day as the time when you ask your closest gal pals to be members of your wedding squad, a.k.a. bridal party, here are six seriously adorable ways to ask your best pals to be your bridesmaids on Valentine's Day.

Say it With Candy

Does anyone ever react poorly to sweets, really? Everyone loves 'em (especially around Valentine's Day), and your 'maids will love getting asked with a sweet treat.

Sugarfina Mini Boxes

Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

This little "bento box" proposal set includes three different kinds of gummies for your gal, with the signature fun packaging Sugarfina is known for.

SHOP NOW: Neiman Marcus, $26

Box o' Chocolates

Courtesy of Etsy

Ask your MOH or all of your bridesmaids with this classic and fun chocolate box from Etsy! This vendor also takes custom orders, so you can play around with the color and wording.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $48.99

Bridesmaid Valentines

Ever since elementary school, no one can help getting excited over Valentine's Day cards. Make this V-day extra special with personalized cards for your bridesmaids.

Scratch-Off Card

Courtesy of Etsy

They may not get any lottery winnings out of it, but they'll get to be your bridesmaid! That's almost as good as winning the lottery, right?

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $4

Rose Gold Card

Courtesy of FoxBlossom

It's simple and to the point, and we're digging the on-trend rose gold script. Give these to your gals along with a traditional box of conversation hearts for a throwback valentine.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $4.50

A Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Go all out with a proposal box for your bestie. These babies are packed with everything a girl could want on Valentine's Day-and beyond.

Greetabl Customized Boxes

Courtesy of Greetabl

We love this idea for a bridesmaid proposal: the idea behind Greetabl is that you upload personal photos and messages that'll make up the inside of the box, choose a cute pattern for the exterior, and pick a special gift to go inside. Once your 'maid opens the box, they can unfold it to read your messages and display the photos!

SHOP NOW: Greetabl, prices vary

Luxe Curated Box

Courtesy of Eric Buterbaugh

Want to REALLY spoil your bridesmaids with a luxurious proposal? This beautiful collection of gifts comes all wrapped up in a pretty box-all you need to do is add a note to each of your gals!

SHOP NOW: Eric Buterbaugh, $225

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