Rocky Barnes's Honeymoon Guide to Bora Bora

Rocky Barnes's Honeymoon Guide to Bora Bora

As part of our Insiders' Guide to the Globe series, we interviewed seven fashion and travel bloggers who've turned crisscrossing continents into their (enviable) jobs. With more than 15 million combined Instagram followers, safe to say these ladies are posting from the hottest destinations. But where would they want their passports stamped when it comes time for a romantic vacay? Read on to find out how model Rocky Barnes would spend a honeymoon in Bora Bora!

The Traveler: Rocky Barnes (a.k.a rocky_barnes)

If you want to make yourself green with envy, head on over to this gorgeous girl's Instagram. One week, Paris. The next, Rio de Janeiro. After that, Hawaii. Let's face it, when you're a professional model (for cute clothing lines like Love Shack Fancy) and a brand ambassador (for the likes of Revolve Clothing and American Express), jet-setting around the globe is more or less your day job. But before you deactivate your account out of jealousy, take note of where Barnes chooses to lay her (likely jet-lagged) head-especially when it comes to sexy, far-flung honeymoon locales, like this one.

The Destination: Bora Bora, French Polynesia

When you're a swimsuit model, you spend a lot of time on tropical islands. But according to Rocky, “Bora Bora is the ultimate!” It's easy to see why-the island is famous for its turquoise waters, chic resorts, and iconic Mount Otemanu (basically the stuff of honeymoon fantasies).

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Courtesy of Four Seasons Bora Bora

Where to Stay

"I've actually been to Bora Bora several times for work," says Barnes. "Last time I stayed at the Sofitel." On her wish list for next time: a holiday at the Four Seasons Bora Bora (from $1,198). “I've heard it's amazing!” she says. Newlyweds gravitate toward the overwater bungalows, which hover on stilts over the bathtub-warm lagoon, so they can watch the fish swimming below from the sundeck or through the glass panel in the living room floor.

Where to Eat

Restaurant options are scarce here, so honeymooners tend to eat most of their meals at the resort. “The best thing you can do is to organize lunch on your own private island,” says Barnes. (Ask your hotel's concierge to arrange this.) Wherever you dine, though, she recommends ordering the poisson cru. “It's a tropical Tahitian style ceviche. I could easily eat it every day,” she says.

What to Do

“Swimming with the stingrays and sharks is so fun! You are thrown right in the mix with them,” she says. “It's a surreal experience.”