The Most Romantic Moments of Any Wedding Day, Hands Down

The Most Romantic Moments of Any Wedding Day, Hands Down

No matter how busy or big or chaotic a wedding may be or feel, every big day is guaranteed to be filled with romance. It is a wedding, after all! So which specific part is the most earth-shatteringly romantic of them all? Here are our top wedding-day moments.

The Big Reveal

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Whether you opt for a first look or the first time you spot each other as you walk down the aisle, the very first time you see one another on your wedding day is magical, says Amy Nichols, owner of Amy Nichols Special Events and co-founder of The Poppy Group. "It's a combination of nerves, awe, and love," she describes. "It's such a personal and romantic moment between the bride and groom."

Giving the Bride (or Groom) Away

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Most romantic moments on any given wedding day happen between the couple. But another sentimental moment, Nichols says, happens when parents give their children away. And after that very special moment, another romantic moment between the couple occurs: When "the bride and groom finally join hands for the first time during the ceremony," she says.

Exchanging Vows

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Traditional, hand-written-it doesn't matter. When you make promises to one another-especially to stick around through the good and the bad, until the very end-those words "are one of the most romantic sentiments that could ever be spoken," says Aviva Samuels, owner of Kiss the Planner in Palm Beach, Florida. "The meaning of such words represents such a measurable enormity that it is the epitome of romance."

The First Dance

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You could be the kind of couple that takes your first twirl to a classic hit, or one that's going to get down to a coordinated dance-off-but either way, you'll have the feels as you dance with your new husband or wife that first time, Samuels says. "The first dance as a married couple is heartwarming, uplifting, and romantic," she says. "There is something very beautiful about watching newlyweds do a choreographed dance together, or even just sway lovingly in each other's arms."

When Parents Show Their Love

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A wedding is about celebrating love-including the love between your parents. "When I witness the parents of the bride or groom fondly dancing together, holding hands at their child's ceremony, or sharing tears of joy, I am reminded that the love that they are witnessing between their child and his or her spouse is also a remembrance of the love they once shared on their own wedding day," says Samuels. "Having passed on their wisdom and having set a loving and commitment-filled example for their children is a beautiful gift to give and a very romantic thing to watch."

The Exit

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The wedding may be over, but whisking one another away from the party is anything but bittersweet. "There's an amazingly romantic moment where the bride and groom head off to fulfill the promises they've made that day," says Nichols. "Hand-in-hand they leave the wedding, ready to conquer their life ahead together-a very symbolic moment!"