Flower of the Week: Poppy

Flower of the Week: Poppy

In our new Flower of the Week series, we'll bring you all things flower, from the cost to the season to the little details you need to ask your florist. This is your go-to guide for blooms, ranging from ranunculus to roses. So take a minute to stop and smell (and read!) every Flower Friday.

Poppies-a flower that is somehow all at once both graphic and soft. They are undoubtedly one of our all-time favorites for weddings. With their windy stems, sweet and crumply petals, and wide color range, they're both a versatile and artfully unique choice-perfect for the modern art gallery bride or the traditional bride; a floral trait that isn't always easy to find!

Poppies are interesting flowers, as at the beginning of their life cycle before they've started to bloom, their petals are all bunched up in a tight pod (versus a bud), and as they begin to bloom the pod slowly pops open and the petals seem to unfold all at once-hence the wrinkly appearance of the petals (ain't nature amazing?!). Although the symbolism behind poppies isn't quite so cheery (sleep, because you can derive opium from some varieties as sedatives, and death, because of the blood-red color of the most common varietal), we say throw all that silliness out the window and choose these delicate, almost translucent beauties for your bouquet or centerpieces-because they're just too dang pretty, and we don't think you'll regret it! Here's the quick rundown of what you should know.


Gentl and Hyers

As we said before, poppies are great because they're so versatile while still being unique. They stand out in a different way than roses or other multi-petaled flowers because of their bright colors and contrasting center (kind of like anemones!), but can still work with romantic, loose arrangements with lots of greenery and softer textures. Or they can be modern! For instance, imagine a centerpiece with single stems of poppies only in an array of sherbet colors.


Poppies come in many pastel colors (think: light yellow, soft orange, blush), white, and lots of bright, hot colors-like the signature red poppy so often associated with the flower. There are even some variegated varieties that almost look like they've been hand-painted in a swash of watercolors. There's a shade for every bride!

Price: $$$

Poppies are definitely not a bargain flower-but because of their graphic nature, you don't need too many in an arrangement to make a statement.

Shelf Life

Sadly, peonies are finicky little guys, sometimes they won't last long outside of water. Make sure your florist takes all precautions, especially if you're using them in a bouquet.

Works Well With

Poppies work really well with themselves, along with flowers that are around the same size without competing with them for the spotlight. They like to be the star of the show, and putting too many diva-ish flowers in the same place is never a good idea.

Lehua Noelle