What to Do If Your Grandparents Can't Make It to Your Wedding

What to Do If Your Grandparents Can't Make It to Your Wedding

Your wedding is a moment for all of your family and friends to gather together and celebrate a special moment in your life. You invite cousins you haven't seen in years, friends that live far away, and family members that you have worked hard to keep in touch with. While you cross your fingers and hope that they can all make it to your wedding, there are some situations where the people you love the most just cannot find a way to attend.

Often that happens with grandparents who either live far away or are under the weather and unfortunately can't make it to your big day. While it might be upsetting at first, there are things you can do to make their presence known and to also make them feel like they are attending, even from the comfort of their own home. Here are five ways to make your grandparents part of your wedding day, even if they can't be there in person.

Livestream Your Wedding

If you find that you have a lot of guests that can't make it to your wedding, consider tapping into a live-streaming service that can broadcast your wedding to the phones, tablets, or computers of your faraway guests. There are services like I Do Stream, that offers a DIY package, gives you equipment, and walks you through how to set it up at your wedding, or Net Nuptials, that sends an entire crew to your wedding to produce the live stream. Whether you hire professionals to help or do it yourself, live-streaming everything from the ceremony to your first dance lets your grandparents feel like they are at your wedding, without leaving their home.

Ask a Guest to FaceTime

Live-streaming may not be the option that fits your budget or wedding style, especially if you're looking to have a more intimate atmosphere. Another option you can pick that's less intrusive but still special is to ask a guest to FaceTime in grandparents for the big moments of your wedding. Asking your grandparents to mute their side of the camera, the guest can sit in the front row at the ceremony and have them watch the whole thing, and can do the same for the first dance, cake-cutting, or any other key moment of your wedding.

Have Them Write a Letter for the Ceremony

If you know that your grandparents aren't the most tech-savvy, one option you can do that can make them a part of your wedding is to ask them to write a letter sending you their well-wishes and wedding advice. You can ask a parent or family member to read this letter during the ceremony on their behalf, or you can read it yourself.

Honor Them at the Reception

Perhaps there is a special keepsake they can send you from their wedding or a family heirloom that you can have to incorporate their presence at your wedding. During the reception, you can do things like play their favorite song, make a speech on their behalf or even serve their favorite dessert as a way of making it feel like they are still a big part of your most special day.

Send Them Your Wedding Video First

Once the wedding is over, your grandparents will be eager to know everything that happened and see every single detail that they missed. One thing you can do is send them a copy of your wedding video before anyone else sees it. That way, they can see each and every moment of your wedding and have a copy of the video to cherish for years to come.