5 Ways To Incorporate Candy Into Your Halloween Wedding DГ©cor

5 Ways To Incorporate Candy Into Your Halloween Wedding DГ©cor

Whether shopping at the grocery store or trick-or-treating in the neighborhood, candy is everywhere this time of year. And, honestly, it may be the best part of the Halloween season! Sure, we love candy any time of the year, but we're especially into all the sweet (and sour!) treats when they're bite-sized and seasonally packaged.

Which got us thinking! Wouldn't it be fun to incorporate Halloween candy in your party dГ©cor-whether for a bridal shower, Halloween party, or even a wedding?! And, no, we're not thinking in a cheesy, obvious way. Below, we break down how to add a sweet touch to your wedding or party dГ©cor in a way that doesn't scream "Halloween!" or "Birthday Party!" Take a look for yourself below, but remember the trick here (ha, get it!) is to approach the idea in a creative way and tailor it to the wedding celebration. For instance, instead of handing out regular bundles of cotton candy, pair it with a Champagne cocktail. Love lollipops? Make them in your wedding colors and attach one to each escort card.

So if you're hosting a bridal shower, celebrating with girlfriends, or hosting a Halloween wedding, keep reading for five of our favorite ways to incorporate candy into wedding dГ©cor. After all, there's no time like the present to trick out the treats.

Create a Candy Station

Candy by Sugarfina; Styling by Town Social Events, Inc.

We love the idea of welcoming guests with candy from the start, so set up a candy cart at the entrance of your event. We're especially into this playful take on Halloween dГ©cor, which pairs skulls and laboratory glassware with garden roses and metallic accents. Recreate this look by decorating any bar cart with candy packaged in a number of ways, from individual treat boxes-Sugarfina does these well!-to larger, more grab-and-go style vessels. Guests can even take home the leftovers as favors at the end of the night.

Make Two-in-One Escort Cards

Photo by Rebecca Yale; Design by Laurie Arons; Calligraphy by Curliecue Designs

Take this set-up as proof that candy can be incorporated into any wedding dГ©cor moment. At this real wedding, the bride worked with her planner to create a statement-making escort card display that honored her grandmother's love of lollipops. The lollipops were done in different warm hues and attached to calligraphed cards, ultimately creating a ombrГ© effect when put together. These little lollies also did double duty: They directed guests to their seats, then served as favors!

Serve Individual Treats

Photo by Eva Lin Photography

In addition to serving candy in mass, we love the idea of giving each guests an individual treat. This can be done with any sweet of your choosing, but we're especially into making cotton candy a menu item. Why? It feels like a specialty dish (seriously, when was the last time you had it?!) and looks wedding-worthy when served in a gold-rimmed coupe.

Have a Signature Cocktail

Photo by BritRene Photo

Speaking of menus, we have another idea: Upgrade your signature cocktail with a candy garnish! Do this by lining the rim with sugar or adding a stick of rock candy, but make sure to speak with the mixologist first. After all, you don't want to overwhelm your guests with sweetness.

End on a Sweet Note!

Photo by Charla Storey Photography

Let's be honest: No reception is complete without a dessert bar. This may be the most expected way to display candy at your wedding, but that doesn't mean yours has to be expected. Take this photo as proof that a dessert table can look next-level with simple tableware, a jewel-toned color palette, and specialty baked goods. We see no tricks and only treats here!