9 Essentials You Need in Your Bridal Suite

9 Essentials You Need in Your Bridal Suite

The space you use to get ready on your wedding day, whether it's a hotel room or a hidden room at the venue, will be the headquarters for you and your wedding party. It's the place you'll stash your bags, use as refuge for a moment of quiet, and otherwise chill in wearing cute outfits during the getting ready process. That's why you want to make sure the space is stocked with a few necessities to take care of your squad-and to make sure they don't have to leave the wedding to hunt for a quick solution to a fashion emergency.

Wondering what you should have on hand? Here are the top nine essentials:

1. Snacks

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Snacks are super important for such a long day (that's filled with activities and emotions). Go for light-but-filling options like vegetable cruditГ©s, hummus, pita chips, popcorn, and protein bars. Just make sure that the tasty bites you serve can be eaten easily and won't make a mess (this is not the time to order buffalo wings).

2. Lots of Water

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Make sure to keep your wedding party hydrated throughout the day with lots of H2O. Because everyone will be on the go, keep an ice bucket filled with bottles in the bridal suite that they can grab between photo sessions and other tasks. Found Infused sparkling water, $24.50 for a 12 pack, available at

3. Band-Aids

Because blisters are a given for pretty much everyone standing for hours on end wearing new shoes, make sure to stock up on these trusted party savers. The more you have on hand, the more your squad will keep dancing. Band-Aids, $13.24, available at

4. Phone Chargers

While many couples are opting for a phone-free ceremony, chances are your bridesmaids will be taking photos and helping you document the details of getting ready inside the bridal suite. Having spare chargers around will let your best girls juice up their phones when they need it. Personalized power banks, $17.95, available at

5. Emergency Kits

Over the course of the day (and into the night), stains, headaches, and other mishaps are bound to happen. Be ready for anything with these comprehensive kits that include everything from deodorant to breath fresheners. Be My Bridesmaid Kit, $22, available at

6. Extra Chairs

Make sure that there is lots of seating available for your 'maids to rest and recharge. Ask your venue or the hotel (wherever you're getting ready) ahead of time to bring in a few extra chairs into the the room. Contemporary linen side chairs, $497.99, available at

7. Hangers

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Try to have as many hangers as possible available in the bridal suite. It will help dresses stay wrinkle-free and will keep clothes from being all over the place at the end of the night-especially if you're planning on doing wedding dress outfit changes or having your girls change into their dresses on-site. PersonalizedВ hangers, $7.99, available at

8. A Steamer

If your dresses do end up with some wrinkles (it's bound to happen in transport), this compact, expandable steamer lets you and your bridesmaids do last minute touch-ups if needed. Rowenta compact garment steamer, $119.99, available at

9. Flats

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When everyone's feet need a break, have extra flip-flops and other simple flats available (in a few different sizes), just in case one of your girls forgot to pack a pair for the dance floor. Personalized foldable flats, $14, available at