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Making the Most of At-Home Hair and Makeup Services on Your Big Day

Making the Most of At-Home Hair and Makeup Services on Your Big Day

It's a wedding-budget splurge that's worth every penny: having hair and makeup come to you on your wedding day. What could be better for calming pre-ceremony jitters than getting primped and powdered in the comfort and privacy of your own home?

Because we want you to get the absolute most out of your at-home beauty experience, we chatted up Julia Carmone and Lauren Katzberg, the founders of Stylisted, a booking service for top-rated hairstylists and makeup artists in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles.

Yes, it can be a little uncomfortable to host perfect strangers in your home-even the happy, pro kind wielding a blowdryer and a mascara wand. But if they're carefully vetted and you've had a wedding trial, and you follow these expert tips, you're all but guaranteed a great outcome.

Meet Your Beauty Team Well in Advance

Before anyone steps one foot inside your abode, make sure you've spent quality time deciding on your look. "All brides should meet the stylist they'd like to hire first," says Carmona. "That way there are no surprises."

Don't Just Hope for the Best-Provide Visuals

"Communication is key," notes Katzberg. "An honest conversation with your stylist is critical in achieving the perfect result. Giving them carte blanche might be easy, but it puts you in a vulnerable position. We always recommend using visuals to show exactly what you want."

You Don't Have to Clean Your Pad From Top to Bottom Before They Arrive

Now that you've settled on your big day pros, it's time to fling open your front door. But drop that Swiffer and skip the frantic cleaning up. "Just create a path from your front door to where you'd like the appointment to take place," advises Carmona. "Also, be sure to have a clear countertop for your stylist to set up her product and tools. She knows you're a busy bride and certainly won't judge a messy apartment."

Pick a Spot With Great Light, Lots of Space, and Loads of Electrical Outlets

"Lighting and space are the two main factors," notes Katzberg."You'll also want to pick a comfortable seating arrangement for yourself, taking into consideration the height of your chair. For makeup appointments, you'll ideally be perched a bit higher. For hair appointments, you'll want to make sure the back of your chair isn't too high. The final step is in ensuring you have enough light." Although natural light is ideal-especially if you're getting married during the day-lamps or overhead lighting are fine, too.

Pre-Appointment Hair Prep Depends on the Style You're Getting

If you're getting a blowout, shampoo your hair 15 minutes before start time, so your locks will still be damp. For an updo or dry styling, "second-day hair" provides just the right amount of grip and texture for your hair pro.

Snacks and Champagne Are Optional

"This is totally up to you," says Carmona. "Some women value a fast, efficient appointment, while others turn getting ready into a pre-party, especially on their wedding day. Just be sure to avoid eating or drinking while getting your makeup done, as this poses an extra challenge for the artist. And of course, keep the food and drink on a separate table."

Ask First Before Trying to Squeeze in Your Mom or Sister

"We suggest letting your stylist know in advance to ensure that he has blocked out enough time to do another person or two," says Katzberg.

Tip the Lead Stylist, and Let Her Take Care of the Assistants

Happily, you'll only be opening your wallet once.

Have Fun

When you're nervous about your pending lap down the aisle, it's important to try to dial back into the moment. "Relax or multi-task," recommends Carmona. "Enjoy the perks of an in-home appointment, whether that's getting ready in your PJs, catching up on your DVR, or attending to last-minute wedding details while you let the stylist do the heavy lifting."