Hailey Baldwin Reveals Details About Her Wedding Dress

Hailey Baldwin Reveals Details About Her Wedding Dress

Will Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber have to postpone their wedding again? The bride-to-be admitted to not being on top of wedding planning.

The couple is currently on the cover of Vogue, and for their “73 Questions” video, Baldwin talked all about her marriage. When asked how much of her day was spent wedding planning, her answer was surprising.

“Not a lot, which reminds me I should probably get on top of it,” she said.

The pair has already made things official with a courthouse wedding-so there is no real need to rush a big celebration-but they have teased us for months about the big traditional wedding they are planning. The most recent reports claimed the duo were headed for a tropical destination wedding in April or May, so if that's still in the works, Baldwin better get a move on.

One thing she apparently does have picked out is her wedding dress. In the video, the model revealed she was going a nontraditional route. “I can't say much but it's kind of an off-white color,” she said.

What Baldwin did describe in detail was her super-private proposal. Baldwin said her now-husband got permission from her dad before popping the question. She added that her engagement was the biggest surprise she had ever received. “We were on a trip to the Bahamas and we were alone in a house just the two of us,” she said. “It was very special.”

She then cited his most admirable trait as “his heart for other people.” Baldwin even loves his style! The model admits to always stealing his socks and would never Marie-Kondo his closet. “I think he has great style,” she said.

Beyond getting through wedding planning, Baldwin talked about her other goals for the future, which includes having kids. She revealed that her ultimate goal in life is to “have a family of my own.”

We imagine the newlyweds will wait a bit before starting a family, given that Baldwin is completely content with her life right now.

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“In your journey of balancing fame, and work, and personal life, where are you now?” the interviewer asked.

Baldwin's answer couldn't have been easier. “In the best place I've ever been.”