You're Going to Want Everything on Priyanka Chopra's $14,000 Amazon Wedding Registry

You're Going to Want Everything on Priyanka Chopra's $14,000 Amazon Wedding Registry

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas's wedding is reportedly just around the corner, so naturally the pair already has their wedding registry all ready to go. The bride-to-be teamed up with Amazon to compile a list of suggested gifts for her and Jonas's upcoming nuptials-and it's stocked with over $14,000 worth of gifts ($14,131.86 to be exact!).

"I'm very excited to begin this new chapter in my life and I've selected some of my favorite items to inspire you during yours," Chopra wrote alongside her Amazon registry. "I am also so happy that Amazon is making a $100,000 donation to UNICEF, an organization that I hold close to my heart!"

Chopra organized her registry into seven sections: travel, home essentials, bed and bath, fun and fitness, hosting, cooking and of course, pet accessories. While the collection features some stunning home goods, many of the items are all in a price range we can appreciate. (Meaning, you can absolutely add these to your own wedding registry without ruffling any feathers!)

For example, the actress's hosting essentials include a $158 bar cart, $65 mother-of-pearl champagne saucers, and a $104 cocktail shaker. Basically, the Chopra-Jonas home is going to be the ultimate party space. "It is important to me to make my loved ones feel special when I invite them into my home-for both special occasions or quiet dinners," Chopra said of her selections.

Pet lovers are bound to adore her choice of pet accessories, which include a $782 GPS pet tracker and a $50 dog raincoat. "Of course I couldn't forget Diana, my dog, when planning out the needs of my future family!" she added.

Other items in the registry include a Canon IVY wireless mini photo printer, a 'Wifey' eye mask, Dorotea dinnerware plates, Casper sheet sets, and lots more.

The couple, who are expected to tie the knot in India, haven't revealed where exactly they will be living following their big day-but we're pretty sure their house will look flawless when it's stocked with these registry items.

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