Liam Hemsworth Just Bragged About the Wedding Ring He Gave Miley Cyrus

Liam Hemsworth Just Bragged About the Wedding Ring He Gave Miley Cyrus

New husband Liam Hemsworth is patting himself on the back for the ring he gave Miley Cyrus.

On Wednesday's episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the host pointed out the new bling Cyrus was showing off during Hemsworth's speech at the 16th Annual G'Day USA Gala. During the event, cameras cut to Cyrus, catching a glimpse of (or should we say being blinded by) her wedding ring. Fallon shared a photo of the moment, proving Miley's ring is nothing like you've ever seen.

“This bling from her ring, I was like, 'What kinda rock did you get her, man?' Holy moly,” Fallon said.

Hemsworth, unfamiliar with the term subtle, had the perfect response.

"There's a few different rocks on there, not to brag, but there's a couple different ones," he said. "I thought it was CGI when I first saw that. I was convinced that it was CGI because it did a full-on bling."

Cyrus previously posted a clip of the speech to Instagram in which her ring catches the light, creating quite the glare. Watch at your own risk:

During The Tonight Show Hemsworth also addressed the speech he made at the event-it was the newlyweds' first official public appearance as a married couple-in which the actor affectionately called Cyrus his wife.

“Thank you to my beautiful wife,” Hemsworth said onstage as his wife's jaw dropped in the audience. “You are a sweet, sweet angel. Yeah, I love you. You're great, you're great."

Hemsworth told Fallon, “When I made the speech and I referred to her as my wife-yeah people liked that.” he said, again, oh so humbly. “I got a big cheer.”

“Yeah I started saying nice things about her and she wanted more, obviously," The Last Song star joked. "I said 'I'll tell you when I get home.' ”

The couple tied the knot in an intimate at-home ceremony back in December, and all jokes aside, Hemsworth seems to truly enjoying married life.

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"It's the best. It's the best," he told Entertainment Tonight. "I feel so lucky to be with someone like her. It's great. Very lucky."