Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers' New Baby is Such a Cutie!

Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers' New Baby is Such a Cutie!

Surprise! Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers just welcomed another member of their little family into the clan. Bet you didn't even know that they were expecting, did ya? Well, the newest addition to the Rodgers household sure is a cutie - four legs and all! Yes, Munn and Rodgers' new little baby is a teeny tiny puppy and we're cooing over the cuteness.

They must have a case of baby - um, we mean puppy - fever, because less than a year after Munn and Rodgers adopted their first little one, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Chance, these two are at it again. The newest member of the pack is another rescue dog, an itty bitty pup they've dubbed Frankie. "Meet Frank Rodgers. Frankie for short. Mr. Frank for business meetings," Munn, the new mom of two, captioned an Instagram snapshot of herself cuddling with the little guy. "We are so excited to have a brother for Chance!" she said. Adopted from the Love Leo Rescue non-profit group, we're sure Frankie is happy to finally have a home - and one with such good looking parents, too!

Although Chance is already rather famous on the 'gram with his 25,000 followers, he better watch out because his new little bro is hot on his tail. Munn already created an Instagram account for her and her beau's new pup and by the looks of it, it'll be full of uber-adorable snapshots in no time.

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Earlier this year, engagement rumors were swirling around the X-Men: Apocalypse actress and the football pro, when OK! Magazine claimed that Rodgers proposed over a romantic dinner date. Sadly for us however, Munn soon shut down the popped question gossip. But who knows… Maybe this new addition to their family is the little push Munn and Rodgers need to tie the knot. Do it for the kids, you guys!