Emily Ratajkowski Says She 'Vetted' Her Husband for Two Years Before Marrying Him

Emily Ratajkowski Says She 'Vetted' Her Husband for Two Years Before Marrying Him

Emily Ratajkowski doesn't want the newlywed period to end. The model and actress married Sebastian Bear-McClard in a surprise courthouse wedding in February, and while many believe she rushed into the marriage-the couple headed to the judge only a month after the I Feel Pretty star ended a three-year relationship with music producer Jeff Magid-she sees this love going longterm.

Ratajkowski was recently a guest on Busy Phillips' new talk show Busy Tonight, where both discussed being newlyweds. Ratajkowski was shocked when Phillips explained the newlywed title typically expires after the first year. “Oh really? That so fast,” she said. “I feel like we should get longer than that. Like if you're thinking in fractions I feel like three years is maybe better if you have the rest of your life.”

The actress also set the record straight on her “rushed” wedding. Although it might have seemed like a sprint down the aisle, she actually played the long game and admitted to knowing her then just friend for two years before their relationship progressed.

“We knew each other for a long time before and he likes to joke 'yeah everyone thinks we got married quickly, but you vetted me for two years,'” she revealed.

Busy also asked Ratajkowski if she saw Bear-McClard as just a friend and one day just realized there was something more, but Emrata shut down the idea that she stumbled upon this conclusion. “Women always know, come on. What?” she said confidently. “Who all of a sudden changes the way they look at someone? No. I was always like I probably shouldn't hang out with that guy alone.”

There you have it, folks. Ratajkowski also talked more about her secret wedding. “I mean yes it was secret for four hours,” Ratajkowski, who got wind that the press knew and broke the news herself on Instagram, said jokingly.

She continued, “Weddings are amazing I want to party I want to celebrate love and relationships but this was just for us and it was very nice.”

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Ratajkowski took advantage of her time on the show and asked Phillips for some marriage advice. The host is pretty much a veteran with her two kids and 11-year-marriage to Marc Silverstein.

“The secret is a lot of things,” Phillips told her. “Like I think the secret is honesty, and being truthful. It's a journey, man.”