Katy Perry Called Orlando Bloom Her Boyfriend and Twitter Can't Stop Laughing

Katy Perry Called Orlando Bloom Her Boyfriend and Twitter Can't Stop Laughing

Whoops-Katy Perry may have very briefly forgotten that she's engaged. While live-tweeting about American Idol this week, she referred to her fiancГ© Orlando Bloom as her boyfriend, despite the fact that he proposed to her on Valentine's Day. Naturally, Twitter thought the moment was hysterical.

Last month on Instagram, Perry and Bloom shared that they're heading toward the altar. Both of them posted an image of Perry rocking a beautiful flower-shaped ring, with petal-like diamonds circling a pink center stone. Perry captioned it, "full bloom," while Bloom himself was a little more direct. "Lifetimes," he wrote in his own post. The couple later celebrated the whole thing by hitting the slopes together.

However, as sweet as the moment was, it seems to have temporarily slipped Perry's mind. Her tweet on Monday read, "My favorite part of watching #americanidol with my boyfriend is that he always tries to ask if they got in or not before we give the final vote. I never tell him hahahahahahahahahahaha."

Twitter users, of course, latched onto the "boyfriend" bit and quickly started firing off hilarious responses. A couple of people tweeted back to her with a quick correction. "FiancГ©!" they reminded, with some sharing photos of her engagement ring to jog her memory a bit. Other people got a bit more creative. "Orlando when he realizes you still call him boyfriend," one person wrote, including an image of a sad-looking Perry on American Idol. "Orlando sweetie I am so sorry ," another person tweeted.

Boyfriend, fiancГ©, it's hard to keep track, especially when you've had as many twists and turns as Perry and Bloom, who have been dating on and off for the last three years. But even though Perry didn't respond to her slip-up on Twitter, she still seems to have wedding planning on the brain. Earlier this month, she had said she'd love to have her fellow American Idol judge Lionel Richie sing at her wedding. There's still no confirmation on whether or not that's happening, but maybe she'll offer more details in her next live tweet session.

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