Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Are "Still Deciding" What Their Wedding Will Be Like

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Are "Still Deciding" What Their Wedding Will Be Like

It's been less than two months since Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom got engaged, and the couple isn't in a huge hurry to start figuring out their big day. (They've been dating on and off since 2016, so why rush it?) Now, a source tells People that they're “slowly planning their wedding,” even though “they don't have a date yet.”

Perry and Bloom announced that they were getting hitched via an Instagram photo, which they posted just after the engagement surprise on Valentine's Day. The image offered a look at Perry's gorgeous, flower-shaped ring made up of sparkling diamonds surrounding a bright-pink center stone. It's very Katy Perry-quirky and definitely attention-grabbing, but the source shared that the couple is going for something more understated when it comes to the actual celebration.

“Orlando always shied away from anything flashy,” the source said. “He doesn't want a huge celebrity wedding. But they also have many friends that are important to them. They are still figuring out the details. Katy will work with a planner.”

The source also pointed out that because both of them have been married in the past, they're trying to figure out how their ceremony will be different from their previous nuptials. Bloom married the model Miranda Kerr in July 2010, and their celebration was a small and intimate ceremony just a month after they got engaged. Meanwhile, Perry tied the knot with the comedian Russell Brand that same year in a private ceremony in India after they had kept fans guessing about a wedding date.

“Their past weddings were, of course, very different," the source told People. "They are trying to find a middle ground now.”

No matter what they end up doing, it's bound to be an emotional event-and fans have already seen just how intensely Perry reacts when it comes to these things. The one thing she has figured out is that she wants her American Idol costar Lionel Richie to sing at the wedding, so we'll have to see what other plans she's cooking up.

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