Mel B Had Hilarious Advice For A Couple Who Got Engaged At A Spice Girls' Concert

Mel B Had Hilarious Advice For A Couple Who Got Engaged At A Spice Girls' Concert

For diehard Spice Girls fans, the group's recent reunion tour has been a once-in-a-lifetime chance to celebrate the Brit pop phenomenon all over again. But one man, Duane Watters, decided he wanted to make his Spice Girls reunion experience extra special. He had the girl group bring him onstage in Manchester so that he could pull off a brilliant surprise proposal for his longtime partner, Lee Christie.

The whole moment shocked and delighted fans watching at Etihad Stadium. Mel B, Mel C, Emma Bunton, and Geri Horner looked on happily as the future grooms-who are both mega Spice Girls stans-got engaged to cheers and applause. To make things even better, they even got a dose of sage and hilarious advice from Mel B: "Make sure you sign a prenup!"she cracked, a veiled reference at her very complex divorce with ex-husband Stephen Belafonte.

Mel B later spoke to Gay Star News and said that Watters and Christie had met years ago at a Spice Girls concert. "So how fabulous was it to make his dream come true and do the proposal on the stage?" she said.

She added that it was a "fantastic moment… People in the crowd were crying with emotion. All of us girls were jumping up and down when he said 'yes.' Girl Power, Scary Power, Gay Power, it's all about sharing the love!"

Online, the reaction was even more joyous. Tons of attendees at the concert tweeted about how heartfelt and sweet it all was. "I shouldn't be allowed out my house, a guy just proposed to his boyfriend on stage at spice girls and I'm now stood crying make up down my face," one person wrote on Twitter.

Mel B. also joked that Watters and Christie would be having the first "Spice Girls wedding." We're not totally sure what that means, but we're crossing our fingers that they show up to perform live for the grooms' first dance-and that the couple gets to use that famous Spice Girls tour bus.